About Us

Sadc Grain Commodities is setting itself to become a major South African agricultural services and processing company. SADC Grain Commodities primary business is envisaged to include warehousing and grain storage, mandate buying of grain and brokering of agricultural commodities for companies within South Africa, within and outside the SADC region, within and across the oceans outside the continent of Africa. The company is well positioned to become a market leader in promoting the South African agriculture sector. 
The company will primarily be involved in the production of grain by working with farmers to plan for the local market as well as for export. Its principal focus is on the following: 

1. Warehousing.

2. Grain storage.

3. Mandate buying of grain on behalf companies and other organisations.

4. Brokering of agriculture commodities on behalf of companies and other organisations.

5. Export of grain and processed grain products.

Regions covered : Southern, Central, East and West Africa, Middle East and Asia

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